Homestead Plaza FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the unit sizes available? 

  • Unit 1 + 2 – In Negotiation
  • Unit 3 – Available, 1,566 sq ft
  • Unit 4 + 5 – LEASED
  • Unit 6 – Available, 1,599 sq ft
  • Unit 7 – Available, 2,314 sq ft
  • Unit 8 – Available, 1,599 sq ft
  • Unit 9 – Available, 1,599 sq ft –
  • Unit 10 – Available, 1,599 sq ft
  • Unit 11 – Available, 4,683 sq ft – Targeted Anchor Space
  • Unit 12 – Available, 1,582 sq ft
  • Unit 13 – Available, 1,582 sq ft
  • Unit 14 – Available, 1,582 sq ft – End Cap | Ideal Restaurant Space
  • Unit 15 – Available, 1,582 sq ft – End Cap | Ideal Restaurant Space


How much is the monthly rent?

The lease rate (which includes gross rent ($11/PSF), common area maintenance ($3.50/PSF) and sales tax (6%) – is approximately $2200 a month.


How will the units be delivered?

Depending on the credibility of the prospective tenant (financial capabilities, business experience, terms negotiated) the landlord will deliver each unit vanilla shell (dry wall, bathroom and HVAC system).

This does not include drop ceiling or flooring as these are the responsibilities of the prospective tenant. Depending on the terms negotiated Landlord is willing to cooperate with the best qualified tenant and their business.

For more information please contact


What is required to begin the leasing process?

A prospective tenant should understand their own interior build out design and requirements. More importantly the cost to build out the space. If there is an architect/general contractor, they should be able to assist with accurate estimates for the space based on your business needs. The build out expense is the tenant’s responsibility unless a negotiation has been made with the Landlord.


What are the initial deposits required to hold a space prior to lease signing?

Depending on the credibility of the tenant and the terms negotiated will determine the deposit expected by Tenant to Landlord. In most cases, it could equal one or two months rent payment.

  • Step 1:
  • Schedule a meeting with Emanuele DiMare at his office in downtown Fort Myers (2147 First Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901) to discuss interest and provide initial credentials for landlord consideration.
    •  Credentials to include:
      • Proof of existing business or well thought out business plan and details.
      • Proof of financial capabilities to support initial costs and an attractive proof of financial reserves
  • Step 2:
    • After meeting to discuss lease interest and upon approval, a Letter of Intent (LOI) should be drafted to propose interest to lease the space to Barclay’s Real Estate Group.
  • Step 3:
    • Once the LOI is approved, a meeting will be scheduled with the architects/general contractor to obtain estimates for the build out costs, permit costs, and expected timelines prior to receiving a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • Step 4:
    • Once estimates are received, commitment from prospective tenant should be given to Barclay’s Real Estate Group prior to giving permission to Landlord’s attorney to draft a lease agreement.


How can I set up an appointment to meet with you?

Please fill out this questionnaire and we will call you to schedule a time. To expedite the process and schedule a meeting within 48 hours, please fill out the questionnaire prior to calling Emanuele DiMare at 239-898-1108.