Dubai Cityscape Expo 2014

The story behind Dubai Cityscape Expo 2014!

What was the reason for our interest in Dubai Cityscape Expo 2014?

In 2012, Eman first visited Dubai for a real estate conference to promote and sell vacant land and other opportunities in the Florida market. During that trip, Eman was astonished by the level of development and innovation this city had which made him further realize what possibilities there are for redevelopment here in our Florida and Cape Coral market.
As a pioneer of redevelopment and growth, this trip was the catalyst for his return in 2014.

Along the way, he became close friends with his now regional director Jason Moore who is a member of the GCC (Gulf Co Operative Council). Mr. Moore assisted Eman for his his next trip which was in September of 2014.

Eman attended several real estate expos and met many outside affiliates, developers, and investors who are now all becoming more aware of Emansland and the opportunities in the SW Florida market.

In addition, as a RE/MAX professional, Eman reached out to RE/MAX United Arabian Emirates (UAE) and is now in the beginning stages of assisting the RE/MAX UAE offices with some ideas in marketing, networking, and sales experience to further grow the RE/MAX brand and network in UAE.