Business Relocation Assistance/Expansion

If your company is in the process of relocating to South West Florida, we can help you make the move with ease. Every year Emansland assists businesses through the obstacles of relocating to the South West corner of the Sunshine State. We take time to ask the top questions and then use the resulting insights to plan and deliver assistance that addresses what matters most to a business.

Is your business yet to lease property or is still undecided on where to set up shop, our consultants can help you discover the best commercial property in the business hubs around SWF. With our listing of office spaces as well as industry connections, the search curve will be short and guaranteed to produce a great result (your business gets that space it needs to function best).

We believe everything can be done through consistent effort and we appreciate the possibility to prove that viewpoint in support of businesses trying to settle in SWF. We will help your business be settled in your new community with less stress and even more self-assurance, allowing your business the freedom to give attention to its goals.

Business expansion

If your business has reached critical mass and needs another office to expand its reach or improve comfort, our business expansion service can assist you in expanding your business seamlessly. Having your business in South West Florida has its obvious benefits from operating in an environment with individuals with good net worth to having an accessible talent pool as well as world-renowned relaxation spots to come off the work stress.

We can help you secure property in the busiest districts. In case you don’t know, Southwest Florida is a rapidly growing economy that offers a competitive platform to global companies such as Chico’s FAS, Arthrex and Shaw Development. SWF has 1.2 million residents, a labor force of over 500,000, and great available locations including acreage, workplace, warehousing, and processing.

Emansland knows the terrain inside and out, and we can help you search for the best commercial property on the real estate market, navigate the negotiation process to get you the best rates and assist you in settling in.