Emanuele DiMare was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to Southwest Florida over 25 years ago. In 1996, Emanuele joined the U.S. Navy as an air crewman flying tactical and classified missions overseas for over 5 years. Flying over 1800 hours for all types of hi risk missions during his Naval career, the best thing the Navy taught him was the fundamentals and skills incorporating a strong team effort, a work ethic that he still carries on to this very day. Currently, 15 years after his service, his colleagues and most trusted advisors still call him E-man, nicknamed by his crew during his Naval career.

In 2001, after honorably serving his country, E-man became a professional real estate agent. The first few years were a learning curve but it only took a short while into his career where he knew that commercial real estate sales and leasing, land development and business growth were the pedigree of his focus.  Throughout his first few years in commercial real estate, it happened to be the worst economy in U.S. history. During the recession, he merged efforts with some of the wealthiest and smartest investment groups, managing acquisitions and building a very supportive sphere of influence around the world.

In 2010, E-man created the brand and platform now known as Emansland, a catalyst to commercial opportunities and projects abroad from the U.S.A. out towards Europe and the Middle East, Dubai UAE markets.

For the past 6 years E-man travels abroad to the largest and most luxurious and impressive real estate seminars and conferences , most in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, promoting the most innovative developments our time has ever seen.  He has opened the doors to the UAE market extending his resources and services to investors and other professional agencies to provide a global consulting base becoming co-existent to U.S.A. and UAE.

As the real estate market continues to improve in both markets, E-man specializes and focuses on economic growth and progress within the communities where he is active.

This allows E-man and his team the opportunity to share the market knowledge and data acquired internally to generate lucrative connections with asset managers, off market wholesalers, and institutional investment groups.

Currently, E-man’s team and resources encompasses a wide variety of active and off market inventory, i.e. hotels, land developments, ALF, and multifamily communities, and student housing communities throughout the entire eastern coast the United States.

From a local standpoint, E-man and his team are partnered with every commercial real estate research platform available to the craft, and his local influences with Lee County and City of Fort Myers municipality, and all building and permitting channels provide an invaluable resource to his clients directly, or to any investment group seeking to gain a strong presence here in Southwest Florida, now labeled as one of the fastest growing cities in the country now in 2018.

Emansland Specializes In:

  • Managing Income producing assets, which are hassle free with no micro managing worries for our clients.
  • Vacant Land Portfolio Management, which are the most simplified investments and becoming very popular for our overseas clients.
  • Community Redevelopment & Public Private Partnerships with local government and developers to improve the communities we live in.

Working together with Emansland is also a strong basis for redevelopment opportunities. With “Outside -the-Box” methods and land assembly strategies, Emansland helps to propel the revitalization of Cape Coral and other cities throughout Southwest Florida!

Detailed Roles & Responsibilities

  • Acquisition/Asset & Portfolio management for investors planning their retirement plan.
  • Develop strategies, plan, and facilitate land assemblies throughout Southwest Florida.
  • Provide the highest standard of professionalism and work ethic for our clients.
  • Offer clients supportive information on current statistics, projected growth, and demographics of South West Florida.

We provide the highest standard of professionalism and work ethic for our clients and have the ability to offer clients supportive information on current statistics, projected growth, and demographics of the areas we work in.