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Assisted Living Facility in Cape Coral FloridaAssisted Living Facility Project-Cape Harbor

Cape Harbor is one of the few most prestigious high end mixed use marina, shopping and residential communities in Cape Coral. Its on the river leading out to the Gulf of Mexico.

The below link is to an offering memorandum for 3 large adjacent parcels which are not only mostly waterfront, but neighboring to and inclusive to Cape Harbors demographics. The only parcel not on the water, Tract C6 has a huge potential to become an ALF– Assisted Living Facility, and we have an ALF Developer who has made an offer to Joint Venture with the land owners, however there is another investor who is considering to make an offer on the entire 3 parcels, somewhere between $12-$14M.

Because of this area, there is a huge demand for ALF’s in Cape Coral, and bringing one to one of the most expensive communities is a win win, inclusive to all the residential homes on the water and in other close by higher end home neighborhoods. Download more information

dutchlionsInternational Sports Complex

There is no argument about the population and economic growth in Cape Coral and SW Florida. More specifically, the amount of children who live here with their family is growing even more exponentially. In short, there is not enough soccer and playing fields to handle the demand that is needed for the children.

Emansland has a connection within this organization who is partnered with a local professional soccer team called the Dutch Lions. Their focus is to bring kids and players from all over the world to play here in our community of Cape Coral. There is currently no stadium for this professional team and they are renting fields from local high schools throughout the area for their practices and games.

Our objective is to provide an epicenter with one massive stadium and a few smaller game and practice fields for the soccer leagues to have their games and practices as well. The main stadium will be utilized for not only the professional teams games, but also for local city events, concerts, and many other income producing alternatives for the owners of this project.

The domino effect of this project incorporates more people to attend these events and games, more parents, friends, visitors, spectators, etc etc. This in turn will require a much needed retail, office, and also a hotel component to support this draw and level of activity. Combine all the above concepts will automatically justify the need for a Sports Complex (Stadium with 3 or 4 practice official league size fields). Download more information


Bimini Basin

A project worth over $1B USD.
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