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Qatar launches first 2022 FIFA World Cup™

Qatar launches the first 2022 FIFA World Cup™ stadium five years before tournament in front of sell-out crowd. More than 40,000 football fans attended the launch of the first proposed host venue of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ in Doha. Expanded to…

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan moves forward

master plan

The Master Plan for bicycle and pedestrian lanes in the City of Cape Coral is finally moving forward! Once its final version is approved by the Cape Coral City Council, staff will move to implement its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master…

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Fed official: US economy finally back to normal

us economy

Fed official: US economy finally back to normal! That’s what John Williams, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, declared Wednesday. “The data have spoken, and the message is clear: We’ve largely attained the hard-sought recovery we’ve…

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Commercial lenders clamp up in South Florida

commercial lenders in south florida

Commercial lenders are banking on the repeal of Dodd-Frank to improve the increasingly tight lending atmosphere in South Florida. A prime example is Privé at Island Estates, a luxury condo project under construction in Aventura. The project has been embroiled…

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Radical transformations underway in Florida real estate

radical transformations in florida real estate market

Radical transformations underway in Florida real estate! The real estate market in Florida is going through some radical transformations filling it with great investment opportunities! Florida is a great place to be in real estate because of some radical transformations!…

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Dubai economy least vulnerable to future economic crises

The economy in Dubai is apparently the least vulnerable economy to future economic crises! The economy in Dubai will not be suffering in case of future economic crises, according to the report from global real estate consultancy, Knight Frank. Apparently, the…

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